Welcome in the Fabulo World.

With this site I am connected with the online world. Connect to inform if we have met before. Surprise if you are here just by occasion and maybe it asks you to connect and to join the network.

Please feel free and send me an e-mail.

In 2013 the site has been redesigned with the aim to support my new dreams to become reality. Dreams to be a follow up on almost three decades experience in a wide range of disciplines.

Create - innovate - inpire - coach - connect

Central theme and my most prominent talent is creating: from design to books and readers, from idea to product , from poetry to project management, from idea to research, from automotive idea to product, from automotive engineering to future sustainable mobility, from creating myself to talent coaching and development.

My talent here are the creating elements. Each succesfull creation is a result of: - a well defined vision or idea - an integration of the disciplines - a body of knowledge and skills - management of the proces (transition and innovation management)

Dream-Believe-Create-Achieve or Plan Do Check Act

And always remember: Make no little plans.

Roeland Hogt

Senior lecturer Automotive design and development at the Rotterdam University of applied sciences

Future Mobility designer within the frame of Fabulo Design

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